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With every interaction, your clients, prospects, and colleagues decide if your personal brand is worthy of investment…and that affects your advancement, earning potential, and ultimately the quality of your life.

In this book, Bestselling author and sales educator, Chip Helm, will provide you transformative life lessons that will serve you throughout your professional journey. Career and personal success requires the development of a genuine, sincere, and humble caring about people. Understanding the qualities of communication that you must bring to the table to selflessly serve others is the foundation upon which your career will flourish.

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Have you ever struggled to “sell” your personal brand to colleagues and customers? Do you wonder, at times, if you have what it takes? Are you ready to build positive relationships that lead to success in sales? 

No matter the career you have chosen, you are in sales. Chip Helm’s live sales training events, books, “Chipisms,” and coaching will help provide you the tools you need to master the art of networking.  You will gain the insight, wisdom and practical life advice you need to transform your career – and even your relationships. 

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a brand called you

You are the CEO of your own company: Me Inc. Your personal brand is your reputation. To be successful in your career, you must build (and sometimes re-build) a positive personal brand.  

Get the four questions to ask yourself in developing your brand.  Discover how to recover from setback. Learn about the 34 distinct “talent themes” that best describe the range of human uniqueness. Download free audio teaching with Chip called A Brand Called You now.

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Hi, I’m Chip Helm.

I help people like you win in sales, succeed in relationships, and lead with humility. I like to think I’ve lived that myself.

From a Dental School drop-out to a National Sales Manager of a multi-billion-dollar medical device company, I have honed my sales skills from the ground up. I’m a regular guest lecturer at business schools around Indiana, including Purdue, Ball State, Butler University, and Indiana University. I’m also a bestselling author and have a BA in Biology, and MBA from the University of South Florida. But my favorite success is at home – a 27-year marriage, three adult children, and good health.

Through my books and event—we’re creating a sales revolution. We help you become the best you can be at what you do. We hope you’ll join us.

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Download A Brand Called You

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