Bigger Than


How Humility and Relationships

Build Career Success

From Amazon Bestselling Author Chip Helm

This book will allow you to awaken to your limitless potential and achieve success through the, often, overlooked qualities of humility, character, and treating everyone with respect. Chip’s words are a beacon in today’s sales environment. Read with care…the words will transform your career.

David Youngren

International Speaker & Bestselling Author

David Youngren

International Speaker & Bestselling Author

What’s Bigger than Sales?

  • How about building the positive relationships that lead to success in sales?
  • What about amplifying your passion needed for elevating your relationship and sales?
  • Have you considered how important humility is to your continued success in sales?
  • What are you doing to master the art of networking?
  • Are you focused on developing your personal branding?
  • Will you choose the right company to work for?
  • Have you evaluated your work/life balance? How are you doing?

Chip’s first book Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life & Career, garnered rave reviews and demonstrated how everybody is in sales! In his second book, Chip Helm helps you answer each of the above questions with practical wisdom and effective relationship-building skills.

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Each semester I have the good fortune to have Chip Helm talk to my undergraduate and MBA students. Chip brings over 30 years of sales and sales management experience into the classroom. Whether Chip talks about “Branding Yourself” or his “Five Steps to Sales Success,” the students come away with intuitive and actionable insights into selling themselves or a product. Chip’s high-energy presentations are contagious as he captivates his audience with humor and outstanding sales knowledge.

Ramon A. Avila

George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor in Marketing, Ball State University

I had the privilege of working with Chip Helm on his awesome books about relationships and selling. As a trained counselor, I can tell you that the mindset you’re going to receive and the tips you will be given in his books will not only increase your sales and help you close the deals, but you will learn how to meet the needs of those with whom you share your message, service, or product. Discover that every relationship has sales dimensions that you must know and use.

Dr. Larry Keefauver

Bestselling International Author and Teacher