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Humility is a word that most people do not associate with career professionals and salespeople. But that is exactly what struck me about this book by Chip Helm, where he unequivocally bats for humility as a key character requisite for people to succeed in their careers.

Shannon Eden

Pepsi Co Sales Associate

Shannon Eden

Pepsi Co Sales Associate

No Matter the Career You Have Chosen,


With every interaction, your clients, prospects, and colleagues decide if your personal brand is worthy of investment…and that affects your advancement, earning potential, and ultimately the quality of your life.

In this book, Bestselling author and sales educator, Chip Helm, will provide you transformative life lessons that will serve you throughout your professional journey. Career and personal success requires the development of a genuine, sincere, and humble caring about people. Understanding the qualities of communication that you must bring to the table to selflessly serve others is the foundation upon which your career will flourish.

Everyday Sales Wisdom for Your Life and Career will transcend the status quo of traditional sales books, and provide you with life lessons that will serve you throughout your professional journey.

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This amazing book by Chip Helm effectively translates and applies the art of selling to a myriad of professions. No matter what career path we have chosen, we can learn techniques and strategies from this master of sales who has had success both in the academic and real-world application of effective communication and selling.

Dr. Frederick L. Greene, MD FACS

Director of Cancer Data Services, Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, NC

I’ve been in sales of various incarnations for 5 decades, and still gained a lot from reading Chip’s books, especially Everyday Sales Wisdom! They are not simply “how to” sales books, but a way to accelerate your success in life, period. Through his practical advice, or “Chipisms”, he can help sail you through what the rest of us have called “the school of hard knocks”. This is a book that I totally recommend as a “must read” textbook for anyone in the world of business, and also as a guidebook for life in general.

Rich Reardin

Executive Producer (Cr2)3 Media